AAP Dental Hygiene Study Club

The AAP Dental Hygiene Study Club aims to position periodontists as leaders and mentors in front of dental hygienists in their local area. The study club will provide AAP members with a suite of resources to host dental hygiene study groups, including video modules, background materials, template resources, and best practice tips and tricks.

Study Club Content

Video Modules

Professionally produced videos on compelling topics relevant to the hygiene audience to be used as the main study club presentation followed by in-person discussion.

Background Materials

Supplemental information to help members familiarize themselves with the study club video topic and how it relates to the hygiene audience.

Template Resources

Invitations, sign-in sheets, and flyers to facilitate the hosting of a dental hygiene study club.

Best Practice Tips and Tricks

Real life suggestions on how to get the most out of a hygiene-focused study club.

Frequently Asked Questions

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